The Adventures of Poppy and Bella

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The Adventures of Poppy and Bella, 

A Puppy's Diary - Volume I

The Adventures of Poppy and Bella, Adventures of the Heart - Volume II

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Poppy and Bella

Hi! My name is Poppy, I am two years old. This is my baby sister, Bella; she’s only one year old. She does not look like me though. She has spots and I’m all brown. We were adopted and that’s ok with me. My mommy and daddy love Bella and me the same as their own kids. My daddy calls me “Mr. Puppy” and my mommy calls my sister “Bella the baby”. 

We are two puppies that have ALOT to say!!  Our adventures are similar to yours so read along as we tell them to you.  You'll never forget the lessons you learn....